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Break The Web is the premier Search Engine Optimization firm, with locations in San DiegoNew York City & Seattle. Founded by some of the greatest marketers in the world, Break The Web focuses on taking all SEO campaigns to a new dimension. With a focus on building a website’s authority, telling the search engines which sites are most relevant to the search user is our preferred strategy.

Gone are the days when search engine manipulation was being performed by the click of a button. We don’t focus on quick/fast results. If you’re looking for a strategic campaign, focusing on longevity, we’re the right company for you.

Break The Web has 10+ years in the SEO industry and watching all of the various algorithm changes has allowed us to evolve and stay ahead of the changes. With an understanding of where the search engines want to be in 5+ years time, it allows for ongoing longevity within each campaign.

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  • Search Engine Optimization
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Our partnership with Jason has been a blessing in disguise of a tech nerd, who is extremely passionate about his work. I learn something new with every conversation I have with Jason and I can tell, he loves talking about SEO. We’re currently using him as our main SEO guy for our e-commerce website, and the results have been fantastic.

Dorothy Farmer

CMO, Online Boutique

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This is the part where we boast about how great we are. Where we tell you about our 50,000+ Page 1 rankings. The part where we mention about our humble beginnings in 2010. The part where we explain our unique philosophy which translates into building a website’s authority.

During your research for the best SEO company, you might have noticed that all of our competitors say the same thing.

“We guarantee you #1 positions”
“We have worked with many businesses like yours”
“We have to build you more backlinks”

But is that really what matters? SEO has changed & SEO is always changing!

Search Engine Optimization is a method of digital marketing and many agencies fail to remember that. To the others, it becomes a game. A game of cat & mouse. The search engines are the cat, and your website is the mouse. In this scenario, the cat always catches the mouse.

You need to remain one step ahead; You need to remain future-focused; You need to partner with an agency that understands the algorithms. 

So I say to you; are you ready to Break The Web?

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