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Why You Need To Hire an SEO Expert

Why You Need To Hire an SEO Expert

(versus doing it yourself) So you have made a page for your startup business where potential customers can avail of your products and services. Your website is already up and running with its creative elements and a user-friendly interface. You have also...

The 5 Original Gangsters of SEO

Every religion, industry, or even a family, can trace their roots from their early fathers. Islam has Mohammed, Genetics have Gregor Mendel, and the current British Royal Family has King Edward VII. SEO, however, has a different story. Its discovery cannot be truly...

Why Website Design is Crucial for SEO

When you talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content, social media, and programming usually come up. However, one important factor often overlooked is website design, which contributes significantly to better SEO rankings. There are many secrets to getting...

Is Good for Business?

WordPress is a great platform for website development that most small to big businesses use WordPress to power their sites. Since it was founded in 2003, a lot has changed in how it operates and has since seen big improvements on how the platform handles different...

Budget SEO Tips for Fitness Coaches

Building a business has been easier these days with the rise of information technology. Before the internet boom, only those with big budgets could afford to advertise their brands, products, and services. Advertising meant having to buy TV and radio slots or printing...

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