Search Engine Optimization


As you know, the answer to that is simply no! Not all SEO services are the same.

Break The Web defines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the process of optimizing a website to be more authoritative in the eyes of the modern search engines.

Organic search results are considered answer boxes. People type in search terms, looking for answers they might have. Search terms don’t always come in the form of questions.

If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in your area, the question that the search results provide answers for are, “Who is the most trusted divorce lawyer in my area?”

If you’re looking for printer cartridges, the question is, “Where can I buy trusted printer cartridges?”

The goal of the search engines (aside from receiving revenue from Pay-Per-Click ads), is to provide valuable information to their visitors. If they fail to produce authoritative, trustworthy websites, the integrity of that search engine is questioned.


SEO isn’t a “set it & forget it” type of system. Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving, requiring the methods & techniques to be focused on the future. Many “SEO agencies” (surprisingly!) advertise their services as being among the best. The only issue that stems from this; companies are still using methods that worked well years back. These outdated SEO tactics are known to be more harmful than beneficial at times.

Our SEO services focus on providing longevity. We aim to increase a website’s presence by sending real authoritative signals. We do this by maintaining a certain philosophy that has been adapted into each & every campaign. A philosophy of building authority the natural way. We define “Authority” by Trust + Reputation. Our unique approach to SEO has been producing effective results for our clients since 2010.


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