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 How To Find The Right SEO Company

SEO in San Diego

When looking for the right SEO company in San Diego, there is a few thing you need to make sure of beforehand.

First, SEO is not an overnight marketing plan. search engine optimization takes time and for that reason, it’s best to expect between 4-6 months until you see your desired results. Companies that can promise you results in a short amount of time are most likely going to take your money and run.

Second, San Diego is a big city. Expecting to dominate the competition without a proper plan of attack will be a waste of your time, resources & money. It’s best to reverse engineer your competitors and see what type of search engine marketing methods they are employing, so you have a better idea of what it take to rank in your city.

Third, SEO agencies fail to advance their techniques. Many companies are still using methods that worked very well over 10 years ago, but the search algorithms have evolved tremendously. Back in the day, you were able to rank websites based solely on how many backlinks a website has. Nowadays, it’s about showing the search engines your real authority.

Finally, Break The Web understands what it takes to be #1 in the search engines. Having the right metrics in place for the search crawlers are key to a proper search engine optimization plan. Proper authority comes down to trust and reputation. With these key components, you will be on your way to dominating the search engines for your area.

Search engine optimization is important because search engines such as Google rank sites based on content quality, outgoing and ingoing links, and traffic (sources and volume). To ensure your site ranks on top of search results, it is wise to hire a reputable agency. Here are some tips on how to find the best online marketing agency in San Diego.

Company Profile

Since the SEO industry is unregulated and there are no common standards/protocols, investigate the company profile carefully to ensure it is reputable and has an industry presence even if it is minimal. In this case, investigate aspects such as company site (should be designed according to acceptable industry standards), employees (should be SEO experts), and client base. Doing so will enable you to identify professionally run agencies that are worth investigating further.

Clients and Case Studies

Most reputable agencies list their clients on their sites making it easy to identify those that have worked with industry peers. This is in addition to publishing case studies that detail how they have helped clients achieve their SEO marketing goals. Although this may not be the norm across the board, it is common among startups, especially those that have deployed machine learning and data visualization technologies. Client lists also show that an SEO agency has a solid product that is market-ready.


Look for a San Diego Search Engine Optimization agency that has a general business license. This will ensure you can account for outgoing payments when preparing tax returns and comply with laws that govern business entities. A registered agency is also unlikely to engage in practices such as substandard service delivery and hiring of amateurs. The only exception is businesses operating from any of the unincorporated portions of the county according to the San Diego County government. Besides this, every business must have a tax certificate.

Search Engine Updates Expertise

Select an agency that has expertise in search engine updates especially those released by Google including Google Hummingbird, Google Mobile-Friendly, and Google Panda updates. These updates are important because they enable SEO experts to pinpoint factors that determine the ranking of sites on search results. For instance, the Google Mobile-Friendly update announced in March 2016 gives more prominence to sites that are optimized for mobile devices. As such, shun any agency that lacks search engine update expertise.

Data Analytics Expertise

Look for an agency with data analytics expertise because certain tasks such as A/B testing involve data crunching. Data analytics also comes in handy when measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) including churn rate, daily active users (DAU), and conversion rate. It is also worth noting that an SEO agency without data expertise would face difficulties interpreting metrics provided by popular analytics tools like Google Analytics. Luckily, most of these analytics solutions are free.


Search engine optimization is an effective way of ensuring that your site appears high on search engine results pages. To excel on this front, it is wise to hire a reputable agency in San Diego. With this in mind, factors to consider when searching for such an agency include company profile, data analytics expertise, client base, search engine updates expertise, and business registration.

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